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Can a shared experience lead to

    an evolution in consciousness?

One Hundred Monkeys is a series of paintings based on the "100th Monkey Theory of Shared Consciousness", a concept from a 1950’s research project in Japan. Scientists at the time found the breaking point for shared consciousness among a community of island-bound Macaque monkeys.


Gold’s portrait series began in 2007 with a series of paintings of 100 Monkey Faces. He then experimented with painting deconstructed portraits and, in 2010, travelled to Koshima Island in southern Japan to meet and photograph Macaque monkeys, descendants of the original 1950’s study.

The 100 Monkey's collection was Exhibited at the Vintage Conservatory in Toronto in 2012

Eric Gold’s Steiff #3 painting was a winning finalist in the 2011 Courvoisier Collective competition and exhibited at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. 

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