Eric Gold is a Toronto artist whose work explores shared consciousness in populations through the creation of art and community.

In 2009, Gold became fascinated with The 100th Monkey Theory: a theory drafted by Japanese scientists studying a wild Macaque population in the 1950's. The scientists claimed discovery of a breaking point for shared consciousness to shift. In the experiment, when the 100th monkey started washing sweet potatoes as 99 others did, the consciousness of the entire population evolved to include this behaviour.

Gold explored this theory through art, developing a process of creating paintings from 100 small pieces. He travelled to Japan to photograph the descendants of the Macaques and created a body of work based on the exploration.


Gold’s  evolution of technique sparked an exploration of co-creating portraits in communities and his own theory of shared consciousness. He began to facilitate community paintings as artistic response to events and under various themes. Over the past several years, Gold has created paintings with thousands of children and adults.  


​Eric Gold continues to work with individuals as well as independently.