Community Arts Projects

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Faces of Inclusion is a commissioned work by the CBC/Radio-Canada to unite more than 8,000 employees through co-creation in a national conversation about inclusion. Twenty one offices and hundreds of colleagues from coast to coast to coast participated in painting events in June 2018 as part of an initiative to elevate the corporate value of inclusion and support a workplace culture change. The painting subjects are eight Canadians who advanced inclusion and human rights in Canada: Kim Phuc, Kenojuak Ashevak, Autumn Peltier, Chantal Petitclerc, Gareth Henry, Rachida Azdouz, Manny Kohli, and Ing Wong-Ward.

The painting events provided a platform for people to reflect, connect, share personal stories, and exchange perspectives. The conversations were often powerful and had impact on individuals, leading to rethinking of internal policy, among other outcomes.

The eight finished artworks will be permanently displayed in eight offices for employees to enjoy and continue the conversation to support a more collaborative and inclusive workplace.

(52” x 34” acrylic on cotton paper)


Agapostemon Virescens #2, 2018  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

The Pollinator Series is a series of community created portraits commissioned by the City of Toronto for the Live Green Toronto initiative. This project raises awareness of Toronto's diverse native bee population and commemorates the official City of Toronto Bee, Agapostemon Virescens. Summer 2018.​


Agapostemon Virescens #1, 2018  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")


Monarch, 2019  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

The Local Dwellers of the Don River Valley is a series of portraits of animals that share our urban environment in Toronto.

In 2015, Eric Gold began leading a series of community painting events at Evergreen Brickworks. The creation of these paintings was shared by hundreds of people of varying age and artistic experience.


Fox, 2017  (unmounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

The objective of this project is to embrace the complexities of community by bringing people together to create art, and to show that diversity in all its facets produces a larger and cohesive entity. The process allows for individual expression; each piece is a unique work of art that then creates the whole.

Racoon, 2015  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

Beaver, 2016  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

Community painting as therapy

A facilitated a portrait for people mourning the loss of mutual friend, Megan.

Painting with groups can be a meditation, there is potential for connection, understanding and transformation.  

Megan, 2016  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

A message from Megan's sister:

Long Distance Community Painting

This portrait was made by 100 family members and friends of the pictured couple. Envelopes containing the supplies were mailed to the participants across Canada, the individual pieces were then returned and assembled as a wedding gift. This exercise explored the methodology for co-creation at a distance, and with limited direction to participants. 

Marshall and Hillary, 2017  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

The wedding gift