From Here is a time capsule of a small New England community: everyday faces in a historic town at a time of transformation. Read more.

Autumn Peltier_ lower res.jpg

Autumn Peltier, 2018  (panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

Faces of Inclusion

A series of eight portraits painted by 800 CBC/Radio-Canada colleagues in June 2018 as a unifying activity under the theme of inclusion.


Pollinator Week 2019

This Monarch Butterfly was painted by 100 people at the Leslieville Farmers Market on June 23 to celebrate Pollinator Week.


One Hundred Monkeys

A series of paintings based on the "100th Monkey Theory of Shared Consciousness".

The Bee Portraits

An artistic response to the dramatic decline in bee populations worldwide.

Sanctuary Elephants of Chiang Mai

A series of paintings created to benefit the rescue work of the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Local Dwellers of the Don River Valley

A series of portraits of A series of paintings each created by 100 members of a community. This was Eric Gold's first exploration of engaging people with art with the goal of shifting collective consciousness within a community.