From Here: 2018 - 2019  

For the past two years, artist Eric Gold has painted 35 larger-than-life portraits of people from Kittery Point, Maine. Each face holds a story that is unique, local and also universal. Together, these portraits create a powerful, touching experience of human connection.

(panel mounted, acrylic on paper  52" x 34")

About the artworks

From Here is a time capsule of a small New England community: everyday faces in a historic town at a time of transformation. Established in 1623, Kittery Point was until recently home to Frisbee’s, the oldest family-run market in the United States. The shuttering of the market marks a time of change in a town where families have lived for 14 generations. 

Eric Gold grew up across the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth, NH. For the past 10 years, Gold’s work has explored community and shared consciousness through painting portraits of individuals and communities here and abroad. He works in abstraction using a mosaic-like painting style that reassembles into figurative; colors shift, lines don’t always connect, the essence of the subject remains but something emerges that wasn’t there before.

Acrylic on cotton paper. 34" x 52".

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